Planet Rock

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Home of the most natural artificial rock works

The way Rock Art should be done.

Rock Art that appear so close to real natural elements, the human mind would be fooled into thinking it is taken directly from nature.


Our dynamic business specialise in the design and construction of Rock-Art. We will move you away from the conventional style of art creations and bring you closer to the roots of nature or even create a true African Theme with African Art at its best.

No job too BIG or small.

Please refer to our picture gallery to experience a few examples of what we can do for you.


Product range

  • Designs to your requirement
  • Water features
  • Rock pools
  • Koi-ponds
  • Rock features
  • Stone / Rock face paving
  • Stone / Rock face on walls


    General applications

  • Entertainment areas
  • Parks
  • Game farms and lodges
  • Guest houses and farms
  • Municipal and other recreation facilities
  • Shopping centers / malls
  • Office parks
  • Residential
  • Nurseries
  • Theme parks



    We will design and submit a proposal/s according to your needs.


    Construction of Rock Work

  • All features are purposely built on site.
  • Rocks for water / rock features, rock pools and koi-ponds are constructed / created using 8mm steel rods covered with 13mm mesh and thereafter plastered with cement mortar to a thickness of ± 40mm’s.
  • Coprox or equivalent waterproofing is used in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s specification to watertight water features.
  • As far as the inside of your koi-pond is concerned you will have the option of a rock finish or marbelite or a combination depending on your preference.


    Construction of Rock Pool

  • Your pool will generally be dug manually in order to minimize damage to your garden or other valuable property/ies.
  • Pool shell will be re-inforced with 150mm mesh and 10mm steel re-inforcement spaced at 300mm intervals over the length, width and around the walls of the pool.
  • The shell will be casted to a thickness of ± 175mm in 30mpa concrete.
  • The colour of marbelite you have chosen will be applied according to the manufacturer’s specification.
  • The marbelite will be neatly joint with the rockwork on the walls of the pool.


    Construction of Stone / Rock face paving

  • Area will be leveled and compacted using the necessary mechanical aid/s or where it is possible / necessary manual compactor.
  • In areas where you have people traffic, paving will be done to a thickness of ± 70mm. Driveways are paved to a thickness of ± 90mm.
  • Expansion joints are provided in blocks of 1.5m x 3m in the case where you prefer a rock block finish. Should you decide on a rougher rock finish where each block is cut into a different shape and size, expansion joints are cut per block.


    Construction of Stone / Rock face on walls

  • Depending on how smooth the surface of the wall is where the stone face must be done a slash coat (very wet mix of cement, river sand and plaster sand) will be applied to ensure that the final coat of plaster is secure.
  • The thickness of stone face plaster on walls is ± 35mm.



  • The cement mortar will be mixed to a ratio of 1:3 where 1 represents cement and 3 a combination of plaster and river sand.
  • Plaster key or equivalent is used as a bonding liquid in the cement mix if necessary.
  • Various colours of water based acrylic roof paint are sprayed on the rockwork blending a natural finishing colour that meets your requirement.
  • As a final touch and for some protection the paving work is sealed with a clear sealant containing the natural look.



    Give us the opportunity to help you break away from the “traditional way” of doing things and experience Natural Art at it’s very best.

    Although our business is focused in the Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa area at this stage, we are keen to hear from you in any other area or province with the view to extend our services to you.